Representing leading corporations across Greater Sydney and advocating for public policies that enhance Sydney as a competitive, collaborative and liveable global city.

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Sydney Business Chamber

Representing leading corporations across Greater Sydney, the Sydney Business Chamber’s mission is to ensure a competitive and liveable global city through collaboration with government or by advocacy to government. With offices in the CBD and Parramatta, it provides a voice for the business community and advocates on a wide range of issues.


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Business to Bounce Back Better

The engine room of the State and the national economies, small business has been hit hard by the...

Alfresco the Way to Go for Quicker Hospitality and Tourism Recovery

The Sydney Business Chamber says tomorrow’s easing of restrictions on the numbers of...

Lifelong Learning and Rostering – How Our Workforce Will Change

One of the biggest changes to our society post-Covid-19 will be the workforce and workplace...

Local Government Matters

Whether it is bushfires, drought or the COVID pandemic, local government is at the front...
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