Delivering a Sustainable Sydney in 2050

This City Building forum and podcast featuring Andrea Beattie, Executive Manager of Research, Strategy and Corporate Planning at the City of Sydney, presented insights from data collection and the impacts of the Corona virus on the Sustainable Sydney 2050 plan.

Over the past twelve months, Sydney City Council has conducted in-depth research and an extensive engagement program to understand what people want Sydney to be like in 2050, and while Covid-19 is impacting every aspect of life in the city, the starting point for the 2050 plan may have moved, but learnings from the research remain.

The technical research and engagement conducted explored what people valued most in the city and how the economy and social life should look in 2050, along with what and how new technology will influence the City and its planning.

Economic, social, environmental and cultural issues were explored across business, workers and the visitors who make up the 1.3 million people who are in the city every day. From here the Council has set priorities including infrastructure projects and actions on climate change - over 80 per cent of those surveyed want Council to take more proactive actions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The aspirations and inspirations of young people were captured and they want action to make the city more effective in areas of waste management, water usage, creating a circular economy based around recycling. Housing affordability also rated highly in peoples’ priorities, urging council to explore ways to provide more affordable housing and workplace options.

From a business perspective, having affordable workspaces for entrepreneurs and tech start-ups is high on the list for Council to create in order to support the growing innovation economy. As a truly global city, critical businesses sectors such as finance, innovation, fintech and the green economy, need to be fostered particularly in the development of key clusters including the Sydney Tech Precincts.

In our rapidly changing world resilience is vital to creating a sustainable Sydney. Creating stronger social bonds, along with a more equitable, diverse and inclusive city are desired outcomes of the Plan.

A Sustainable Sydney cannot be achieved without looking inwards at what and how the City provides its range of services. Continuing to improve customer service and enhancing access form an important part of the 2050 Plan to support the community’s health and well-being.

As Australia’s leading global city, Sydney plays a critical role in shaping the nation. Its response to the challenges posed by COVID 19 together with the strategic planning efforts prior demonstrate a leadership and resilience that bodes well for a sustainable city in 2050.

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Here are more details on the views of the community and business and the Sydney City Council 2050 Plan:
Planning for Sydney 2050 -  what we heard - City of Sydney

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber