Electricity prices continue to hurt businesses and households

The Sydney Business Chamber says rising energy costs are a huge burden on business and residents and the next government of NSW needs to make some serious changes to energy policy.

“There are major concerns about energy prices and inadequate security supply among business in Sydney and across the state,” said Chris Lamont, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the NSW Business Chamber,

“The Chamber’s last two Business Conditions Surveys identified that 90 per cent of businesses ranked affordable and reliable energy as a top concern and when it came to immediate cost reduction priorities, energy was the second most important issue.

“High electricity prices are placing an enormous strain on business viability and household budgets.  The current situation is unacceptable and simply unsustainable. 

“The next NSW government needs to be implementing real reforms to improve access to reliable and affordable energy and deliver energy savings for business while improving energy security,” he said. 

A number of proposed measures to cut energy costs have been put forward by the Chamber.

These measures include: 
•    The removal of all state taxes and levies on energy bills. Energy is already subject to Commonwealth taxes and charges so there is no reason why state taxes and charges should also be levied.
•    Improve planning certainty and streamline planning processes to boost the supply of new energy projects to provide more affordable base load power
•    Amend commercial tenancies legislation to assist cost and profit sharing between tenants and landlords for investment in renewable energy
•    Increase gas supply through additional natural gas production and/or LNG importation

“Reducing the cost of energy is a key plank of the NSW Business Chamber’s policy in the lead up to the state election on 23 March and cutting energy costs for business and residents should be a primary focus for all political parties,” Mr Lamont said.

Authorised by C. Lamont, NSW Business Chamber, 140 Arthur Street, North Sydney NSW 2060


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