Extension of 24 Hour Deliveries and Trading a Boost for Business

The Sydney Business Chamber says today’s announcement of the extension of orders allowing 24 hour trading and deliveries to continue for another six months will help businesses meet new demands on local shopping centres and strips as people work from home and shop locally.

“National retail figures are due out today and anything that State Government can do to help turn around the disruption in sales due to Covid, will be welcomed by businesses including supermarkets and pharmacies, benefited by this announcement from Planning Minister Rob Stokes,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“The State Government moved quickly to help supermarkets cope during the panic buying period and seeing how well it has worked by allowing 24 hour delivery and trading by reducing congestion and giving shoppers more flexibility, today’s announcement of a six month extension is good news for business and consumers.”

“The extension of trading hours for cafes and takeaways will help these businesses stay in business and keep workers employed and is also a positive step toward supporting the new night time economy being developed.”

“The orders allowing longer construction hours has helped this vital industry to meet social distancing safety rules and complete projects quicker, so allowing this to continue for a further six months, will assist this struggling sector to drive jobs and growth.”

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber