Getting Sydney’s night right will need close collaboration between business, Government and the community

The Sydney Business Chamber says restoring Sydney’s night life by repealing the lock out laws will need extensive consultation with the city’s businesses to get the night right, ensuring a diversity of night time activities are part of revitalising the economy.
“The Joint Select Committee’s report recommends a range of measures to revitalise the night time economy and this will require close collaboration with a wide range of businesses other than alcohol related venues, to ensure a vibrant and safe night life can co-exist,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.
*Getting the night right is not just about repealing the lock out laws and allowing bars and clubs to open later, it should include late night trading for businesses like bookshops, cafes, clothing and specialty shops, plus live music/cultural activities for all ages in locations across Sydney, not just the CBD.
“The working group to be appointed to oversee renewal of the night time economy also needs to look at improving Sydney’s late-night multi modal transport with extended public transport hours and providing designated pick-up and drop-off areas for ride-sharing services.”
“Community policing initiatives will also be vital in making all members of the public and visitors to our city feel safe while they enjoy all that Sydney has to offer after dark.”
“Improvements in streetscapes and local infrastructure like appropriate lighting in the streets and parks will help enable people to get around safely at any time of night.
“Repealing the lock out laws and getting the night right is a great opportunity for our global city to shine again and capitalize on the extra $16 billion in economic activity we’ve been missing out on for too long.”
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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber