Liveable Cities Vital to Managing Population Growth

The report released today by Infrastructure Australia, Planning Liveable Cities, makes a number of important recommendations to Australia’s three tiers of government to reform planning, funding and governance practices in our major cities, says the Sydney Business Chamber.

“The report highlights the significance of good planning practices that align infrastructure with residential development and must be used as a blueprint for all levels of government when thinking about Sydney’s future,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“The report recommends a coordinated planning approach between the three tiers of government coupled with sequencing the delivery of housing and infrastructure to ensure population growth is properly managed,” Mrs Forsythe said. 

“Managing population is a challenge most major cities face and government, together with industry, need to work together to align a growing population with infrastructure and housing. 

“There are many lessons that can be drawn from the report including the importance of using the new Metro rail system as a catalyst for residential development aligned to the new stations.

“Last week’s short-sighted decision by Ryde Council to refuse a major residential development within walking distance of the new Metro station is a case in point.

“Prioritising the delivery of housing developments in areas with infrastructure capacity, such as in Macquarie Park with its new metro railway, is critical to improving liveability.

“Coordinated planning decisions are needed to meet a demanding, growing city, which is why bold decisions on density to better link people with public transport, open spaces and employment centres are vital,” she said. 


Kylie Adoranti

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