Next Steps Toward a 24 Hour Economy, Cementing Sydney as a True Global City

The Sydney Business Chamber says today’s release of the draft of the NSW Government’s Exposure Bill detailing changes to legislation aimed at facilitating a vibrant, safe and more inclusive 24 hour economy, is a very encouraging step and re-affirms the Government’s commitment to a 24 hour economy and preparing for a staged re-opening of the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

“The draft Exposure Bill outlines a positive framework of reducing red tape and making it easier for the likes of small bars and family friendly night-time venues to open and prosper right across Greater Sydney, not just the CBD,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“Removing some of the outdated restrictions on what type of live music you can play in a bar or pub and making it easier to get both a liquor licence and planning approval are great steps in getting Sydney ready to re-open after dark, proceeding in line with strict health considerations post Covid-19.”

“When the pandemic lock-down gradually ends, it’s going to be a critical in reviving our city’s wider economy”.

“While commending some of the planned changes, we also need a broader suite of reforms to support and stimulate our night-time economy.”

“A 24 hour economy will bring far more to the city’s economy than bars, restaurants and retail, it will make working at night for the myriad of people in sectors from finance to delivery and logistics, far more convenient and attractive than it is currently, when most of the city shuts by 6pm.”

“As we drive toward revitalizing the hospitality and visitor economies, adhering with the appropriate health measures in guiding the speed of the reopen ing, we can look to capitalizing on the new norm of people working more flexible hours, reducing peak hour travel pressures.”

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber