Western Sydney Business Chamber Highlights Election Priorities

The Western Sydney Business Chamber at a lunch with NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley today, has highlighted the election priorities of the business community including improving the delivery of infrastructure, skilling the next generation, and reducing the cost of energy.  

David Borger, Executive Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber, said, “With the election less than six weeks away, it is important political parties of all persuasions do not become complacent.  There are a number of key issues requiring attention, especially in Western Sydney that are key to economic and business growth and the future success of our city.”

Mr Borger said he was pleased with the Opposition’s commitment today to reserve $8 billion towards the fast-tracking of the Sydney Metro West project if elected. 

“Sydney Metro West is Australia’s most important public transport project and will connect Parramatta and the Sydney central business districts and increase rail capacity and reduce travel times between these centres,” Mr Borger said.

“Our parent organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, has released a list of election pillars under its Keep NSW Number 1 campaign and if implemented, these pillars will help drive our state and Western Sydney forward,” Mr Borger said.

“The pillars include skilling NSW and Western Sydney for the future. With more than 300,000 Western Sydney residents leaving the region for work each day, we need to take steps to build work and training opportunities where they live. 

“We are recommending that a vocational training college be built in the area to meet Greater Western Sydney’s demands and grow opportunities for the next generation of workers.

“Businesses should recognise the great opportunity that training colleges bring and could attach themselves to the school to provide students with real-life training,” Mr Borger said. 

“Business wants better infrastructure, especially in the booming suburbs of Western Sydney. The Chamber is recommending the establishment of the NSW Infrastructure Coordination Authority, which through a private sector board, will provide the government and the public detailed reports on status of delivery of state-significant projects and recommendations to improve the performance of project management and delivery.

“The next expansion of Sydney’s public transport network will be heavily focused on Western Sydney including Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 and the Sydney Metro West and Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport.  This new coordination authority will ensure the efficient delivery these major infrastructure projects,” Mr Borger said. 

“Rising energy costs are becoming a huge burden on business and residents and we believe the next government of NSW needs to be implementing real reforms to improve access to reliable and affordable energy.

“The Chamber has a number of proposed measures that would cut energy costs, including the removal of all state taxes and levies on energy bills and increasing gas supply through additional natural gas production and or LNG importation. 

“Western Sydney is home to one of Australia’s largest manufacturing bases and the rising cost of electricity is an issue that needs to be addressed more aggressively by government if we want to keep it.” he said.

Kylie Adoranti

Public Affairs Manager

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Kylie handles media relations for the Sydney Business Chamber and the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney. With a keen interest in politics and communications coupled with her background in journalism, Kylie aims to strengthen relationships with journalists and to expand the awareness of the Chamber's priorities and projects.